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9181 Kimle, Szabadság u. 23.

9181 Kimle, Szabadság u. 23.
T: 00 70 170 6366
T: 00 36 30 93 97 358

House rules

  Dear Guests!

We are working in order for YOU to enjoy your stay at us. We do our best to avoid any disturbing conditions that could bother your stay. In case you experience any disturbing conditions that you are not satisfied with despite our efforts, please let the host know about it. In order to maintain the best shape and cleanliness of the guest house and its furniture, please avoid doing certain activities that you would also not do in your own home.

Room reservation:

  • You can make a reservation through our website, Szallas.hu or booking.com, as well as through other booking websites. Online accommodation agency websites do not provide the whole description of house rules, so please, read it carefully and follow the rules below.

Check in/ Check out

  • The guest house has an online reception, so the accommodation can be booked on the day of arrival, between 14:00 and 23:00
  • Each person must fill out the registration form online before arrival
  • before arrival, they will receive a gate code and the code for the key safe by email
  • You must leave the apartment no later than 9:30 a.m. on the day of departure
  • When leaving the accommodation permanently, the key must be returned to the specified key safe
  • When leaving the apartment, please close the doors, windows and gates.
  • In case of possible loss of the given keys, the guests are obliged to report it immediately and to reimburse the cost of the lost keys and the replacement of the lock to the host.


  • A 30% deposit is required at the time of booking, the remaining 50% must be paid 14 days before arrival
  • Includes tourist tax and VAT
  • Cancellation: the arrival can be changed or canceled up to 14 days before the arrival. If you cancel within 14 days, we cannot refund the 50% deposit and the arrival date cannot be changed.
  • If for some reason you leave the accommodation before the end of the period you booked in advance, we will not be able to reduce or refund the accommodation fee.
  • with a bank card

Closing the garden and the building:

  • Please lock the gate and the doors of the building with the keys during the day when you leave and at night. The front door of the building can be locked after pulling up the handle. Rooms can be locked in the usual way.
  • Please, take care of the keys. In case of losing them, the charges of the lock replacement must be paid for the operators.


  • You can only smoke at smoking areas (terrace, barbecue and pavilion).
  • We respectfully ask our guests who smoke not to throw the cigarette butts away. In order to maintain cleanliness in the garden and the whole area of the guest house, please collect and put them into the waste bin.
  • Smoking is FORBIDDEN in the building!

The usage of furnishings:

  • Please, use the furnishings as intended! Taking out the furnishings and equipment of the apartment including towels, blankets, bedsheets, armchairs, chairs is forbidden! The owner’s approval is needed if you want to move the furniture. We hand over the apartment to you and in case of occurring damages, the charges must be paid by guests on the spot. We ask you with respect, not to kill the bugs (fly, mosquito) on the walls, please, use a fly spray.
  • Rooms must be left in the same condition as they were handed over to the guests. In case of damages, guests are required to pay the charges. The host is not responsible for damages or accidents occurring by an inappropriate use.




  • Apartments are handed over to guests clean. In case of staying for more than 7 days, bedsheets and towels can be changed once a week. Other requests can be fulfilled for additional costs.

Waste management:

  • Household waste should be collected in the waste bin in the kitchen, while cosmetic waste in the bin in the bathroom. Please, do not throw sanitary towels into the toilet (rubbish bags are in the kitchen cabinet).
  • While staying here, in case the bins are full, please put the rubbish into the big rubbish container next to the house which is watched and put out on delivery day by the owner.


  • The guest house has a well-equipped kitchen. Guests can make their own meals.
  • An electric hot plate is available. Please, do not put metal, gold, silver plated dishes into the microwave.
  • Coffee and tea machines are placed in the kitchen.
  • Please, do not eat in the room, only in the kitchen and in the dining room.
  • The kitchen should be cleaned after using it. Otherwise, 5000 HUF is charged.

Campfire – barbecue:

  • Fire can only be lit in the designated fire area from the designated woodpile when there is no wind, with a bucket of extinguishing water nearby.
  • After starting a fire, please remove the rubbish and pour down the embers.
  • Guests have personal responsibility for the damages caused by the fire.

Other information:

  • Making noises, listening to music between 10 pm and 9 am is forbidden in order to ensure the peace of guests and neighbours.
  • Inviting visitors to the apartment and to the surrounding area is not allowed. Please, follow these rules in order to avoid further inconvenience.
  • Please note that the owner will not pay for the charges in case of the damages that occurred through no fault of his own (e.g. natural disaster, hail, fire, blackout, internet failures etc.).
  • The owner reserves the right not to host those guests who act outrageously and ignore the house rules; moreover, guests can be asked to leave the guest house immediately.
  • Breaking the house rules and damaging or stealing objects can lead to further consequences (police).
  • Please, pay attention to tidiness and cleanliness. When leaving the apartment, please, do not leave dirty dishes or rubbish in the room.
  • A small first aid kit can be found in the kitchen cabinet. In case of a bigger trouble, call 112.
  • In case of fire, you will find an extinguisher in the staircase, start the rescue immediately and call the fire department at 105 and then the host!
  • The host is not responsible for valuables left at the accommodation.
  • Guests are given the apartment clean and they need to tidy it themselves while staying here.
  • Household waste is collected in the waste bin in the kitchen and in case the bins are full, please put their content into the rubbish container on the street. Rubbish bags can be found under the sink.
  • Parking: Free parking is available in the closed garden or in front of the apartment. Always leave the gateway free!
  • The owner does not live in the area of the apartment, but often comes to fulfil duties. If someone has a problem with that, please, do not make a reservation at us!
  • Moson-Danube flows directly on the edge of the plot, it is a natural river. We would like to draw your attention to use the water of the river at your own risk, for swimming, bathing, boating, sup or other sports purposes. The owner is not responsible for the injuries or damages caused by using the river.
  • If you want to rent a bike carriage, Sup, boat or if you want to go on a cruise or fishing, please let us know until 9 o’clock each day.
    T: 0036 30 93 97 358

 Valid until withdrawal,

Kimle, 01/07/2022.

Thank you for following our house rules!

                                         Enjoy your stay here!

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